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Full Day Kristen Lamb Workshop

Rise of the Machines

The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability. In a sea of infinite choices, connecting with our audience can be a nightmare. Our brand is our lifeline

What is a brand? How do we create one? How do we entice an overwhelmed and distracted audience to connect and care?

How do we develop this brand over time? How can we make this brand resilient to upheavals? How can this brand then grow and evolve as we grow and evolve? How do we know which social media sites we should be on?

Too many authors are overworked on social media because action is energy and their energies are unfocused. Energy can either be diffused like white light or it can be a laser that can cut through steel. This class will train you to understand the author brand in a way you’ve never seen before. Writers STILL have to write books, so we don’t have all day long to market and advertise and that doesn’t work anyway and I will teach you why. I have helped create multiple NYTBSAs and these are the methods that took brand new authors to owning the most coveted title among authors. You don’t need to work harder but you DO need to work smarter.

This class will help you create your brand. A brand is when your name alone has the power to drive sales. If your name is doing the selling? You don’t have to.

We will cover:

Neuroscience: What is the brain science of branding? What makes readers really care?

Algorithms: If you do not understand the Internet and how it works it will EAT you alive, but play the game and the spoils are yours.

How To Make Readers Care: No matter the platform how do you cultivate your future fans?

Author Brand

What is it? How do we get one? Can we just buy one on eBay? Brand is more than name recognition. It is the power of emotion tethered to a NAME. Your name. A brand gives YOUR NAME ALONE the power to compel action and drive sales.

The physical architecture of the human brain has literally changed in the digital age. We are bombarded with so much, the brain has literally learned to unsee to keep systems running.

How do we get people to see OUR STUFF when the brain is trained to NOT see it? Better yet, see it and care about it and want to share it?

Author Platform

How do we build one and why do we need one? How does platform relate to brand? How can we build this platform and also have time left over to write more books and you know…eat and sleep?

The Author Blog

One of THE most powerful tools in any writer’s arsenal. The blog is the single most resilient form of social media (been going strong since the 90s). Facebook could face plant and Twitter might flitter, but the blog will remain.

Unless the Internet goes down and if that happens, we have bigger problems than book sales.

The blog harnesses power of search engines to ASSIST you, so you work smarter not harder.

Blogs play to a writer’s strengths. Writers write. And the blog has gotten WAY overcomplicated. It’s simple and easy to have a blog and also? It’s the only form of social media you can monetize.

Pulling It All Together

Social media, writing, blogging, connecting is all one big machine. Put it together properly and give it a little love and maintenance? You’re good.

Put it together wrong? Am I the only one who smells smoke?

We’re going to go over how all of this “stuff” works together in a way that fits YOU and YOUR BRAND.

I don’t offer One-Size-Fits-All Social Media Snuggies. This is all about working smarter, not harder and actually—GASP!—having fun while doing it. Book here…

Friday August 18th

Time Description   Speaker Location
7.30am Registration Opens Conference Centre entrance

Coffee in Conference foyer

8.00am Maori Blessing
8.15am Welcome and introductions Housekeeping MC Catherine Robertson Batten Room 1&2
 8.30am Session one  Rise of the Machine  Kristen Lamb  Batten Room 1&2
 10.00am Morning Tea  Conference Foyer
 10.30am Session two  Rise of the Machine  Kristen Lamb  Batten Room 1&2
 12.00pm Lunch  Restaurant
 1.00pm Session three  Rise of the Machine  Kristen Lamb  Batten Room 1&2
 3.00pm Afternoon Tea  Conference Foyer
 3.30pm Session Four  Rise of the Machine  Kristen Lamb  Batten Room 1&2
5.15pm Workshop close
7.30pm Conference Cocktail Party

Theme: #Live your Dreams


Description: Don’t dream it – be it! Come as the favourite character in your own books, a fantasy figure, your dream lover, king or queen of the book world – whatever you can dream up.

MC Catherine Robertson

F.Housden Raffle drawn 9pm

Theme TBC

 Batten 2
6.30pm – 7.30pm Registration Open Conf Centre entrance

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