Friday Programme

Full Day Kristen Lamb Workshop


Rise of the Machines

The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability. In a sea of infinite choices, connecting with our audience can be a nightmare. Our brand is our lifeline

What is a brand? How do we create one? How do we entice an overwhelmed and distracted audience to connect and care?

How do we develop this brand over time? How can we make this brand resilient to upheavals? How can this brand then grow and evolve as we grow and evolve? How do we know which social media sites we should be on?

Too many authors are overworked on social media because action is energy and their energies are unfocused. Energy can either be diffused like white light or it can be a laser that can cut through steel. This class will train you to understand the author brand in a way you’ve never seen before. Writers STILL have to write books, so we don’t have all day long to market and advertise and that doesn’t work anyway and I will teach you why. I have helped create multiple NYTBSAs and these are the methods that took brand new authors to owning the most coveted title among authors. You don’t need to work harder but you DO need to work smarter.

This class will help you create your brand. A brand is when your name alone has the power to drive sales. If your name is doing the selling? You don’t have to.

We will cover:

Neuroscience: What is the brain science of branding? What makes readers really care?

Algorithms: If you do not understand the Internet and how it works it will EAT you alive, but play the game and the spoils are yours.

How To Make Readers Care: No matter the platform how do you cultivate your future fans?