Weekend Plenary Session Details

Plenary Session Details - Saturday & Sunday

Saturday Plenary Sessions

Indelible Dialogue  – Damon Suede

Indelible Dialogue is a practical workshop about creating conversations that move your readers and advance your story exponentially. In a session suitable for writers of every experience level and stylistic approach, we’ll explore:

  • The structure of fictional convos.
  • Techniques for believable dialogue that doesn’t drag or snag.
  • The power of secrets, subtext, and context in character discussion.
  • The tricks and traps of dialogue, as well as several ways to create conversations that pop.

Dialogue is one of the most important ways to deepen character and worldbuild quickly. Let your words do the work, and your characters speak their minds. Join screenwriter and novelist Damon Suede for an arsenal of nitty-gritty techniques to turn that chatter into convos that matter.

Indelible Dialogue takeaways:

  • Voice exercises to develop distinct timbres for each of your characters.
  • Tools for using dialogue to shape pace, scope and character depth.
  • A check-list of dialogue traps that bedevil fiction.
  • Exercises to develop your on-page conversational skills.

Focus on Self-Publishing – Bella Andre

“Next-level” Self-Publishing, including whatever the most important/useful marketing and promotion tools are, what  people should know about the current and futures states of each retailer, what the markets are looking like, how best to reach out to your fans and foster a great relationship with them and also encourage them to spread the word about your books.

Sunday Plenary Sessions

Trad, Bad & Dangerous to Know – Grace Burrowes

Being an author, whether aspiring, trad, indie, hybrid, or somewhere in between, requires an enormously broad set of skills. Even the reclusive author has to manage finances and interact with readers. The natural born marketer must get the dirty draft written, and the queen of plot-storming has to consider contractual language with major platforms if not publishers.

Writing is a hard job on a good day, and the publishing industry has been notably short of good days in some regards. Grace suggests some strategies for minimizing the stress and chaos, and coping with the anxieties we can’t dodge or delegate.

Keynote & Ask Me Anything – Bella Andre

I’ve always found the most helpful thing for attendees is being able to ‘Ask Me Anything.’ Whether is has to do with selling books or writing about families or whatever it is they would find most helpful – so come ready with your questions.

Writing Series – Nalini Singh

Series are beloved by readers and by writers. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the different kinds of series and dive into the skills required to pull off each one.

Whether you’re interested in writing loosely linked books, sagas that cross generations, or a tightly connected trilogy (or something much longer!), this workshop will discuss techniques you can use regardless of genre or sub-genre.