Contest Finalists 2017

Great Beginning Contest – Finalists 2016-2017

Agent’s choice:

1. Charming the Devil / Lisa Matthews 

2. Chameleon in New York/ Marija Greenhill

Editor’s choice:

1. Chameleon in New York/ Marija Greenhill

2. Charming the Devil / Lisa Matthews

The other finalists were (in no particular order):

Ruled by Shadows-Samantha Charlton
Endangered Love- Jackie Rutherford
Bodyguard-Jennifer Raines

A special thanks to our professional judges:

Editor: Victoria Britton

Commission Editor, Harlequin UK Office

Agent: Patricia Nelson

Marshal Lyon Literary Agency

Daphne Clair de Jong First Kiss Contest – Finalists 2017

Congratulations to:

1st- Emma Bryson – Pizza, Punk Rock and her Perfect Princess
2nd- Bronwen Evans – Tempt ME, Tease ME, Love ME
3rd- Becky Watts – The Bad Boy Next Door.

Finalist – JC Harroway

Please join me in congratulating our prize winner!

I’d also like to thank the New Zealand Society of Authors Northland Branch for sponsoring the competition this year. We really appreciate it!

Chapter Short Story Contest – Finalists 2017

They are as follows (in alphabetical order):
Donna Capil
Susan Frame (x2)
Charlotte Kieft
Eileen Mueller
Pamela Swain

And the winner is…

1st – Donna Capil – Lost Moments
2nd – Susan Frame – Books, Covers and Other Things
3rd – Pamela Swain – Leap of Faith

The final judge, Gaynor Davies, had this to say about our six finalists’ efforts: “I was impressed in every case with the strength of the writing and the sense of energy behind it”

Congratulations, everyone. You are amazing!

These stories and the rest of the top eleven will be available in the up-coming Liaisons magazine – RWNZ’s in-house magazine. I’ve had a sneak preview of it and know you’ll all want to get your hands on a copy. Huge thanks to Kristine Pearson and Philip for making the magic happen!

Pacific Hearts Award 2017 (Unpublished Writers)

WINNER – Bodyguard, Jennifer Raines 

SECOND – Worlds Collide, Shelley Nixon

THIRD PLACE – Loving is Believing, Jennifer Raines

Finalist – Chameleon in New York, Marija Greenhill

Koru Published Book Award – Finalists 2017

WINNER – Deception Island, by Brynn Kelly
SECOND PLACE – Unmasking Miss Appleby, by Emily Larkin
THIRD EQUAL Bound to the Bounty Hunter, by Hayson Manning AND Recovery, by J.C. Harroway


WINNER- Italian Undercover Affair, by Jayne Castel
SECOND- An Improper Governess, by Amy Rose Bennett
THIRD – The Most Scandalous Ravensdale, by Melanie Milburne

WINNER – Backpack and a Red Dress, by Maddie Jane
SECOND PLACE – Tempting Fate, by Erin Moira O’Hara
THIRD PLACE – Fixed Up, by Maddie Jane

And for the category of “Best First Book”, the eligible entrants are:

WINNER – Deception Island, by Brynn Kelly
Recovery, by J.C. Harroway
Fixed Up, by Maddie Jane


WINNER – Backpack and a Red Dress, by Maddie Jane
SECOND PLACE – Deception Island, by Brynn Kelly
THIRD PLACE – Unmasking Miss Appleby, by Emily Larkin

Well done to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners and all finalists!