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Spark your dreams. Fan your passion. Ignite your story.

Welcome to Romance Writers of New Zealand.

Spark your dreams. Fan your passion. Ignite your story.

Are your sights set on being a best-selling author? Do you need courage to get that manuscript out of the drawer? Do you want to improve your writing? Or learn how to market yourself and your work? Maybe you simply enjoy writing for your own pleasure and socializing with others who love romance.

Whatever your ambitions, wherever you are in your career, Romance Writers of New Zealand can give you motivation, a positive, encouraging environment, and practical help with all aspects of writing and publishing.

RWNZ is an incorporated society in an active, supportive community, and our 400+ members are incredibly generous with their experience and knowledge. Sharing what works—and what doesn’t—is especially important in an industry as fluid as publishing.

Many of us who started out as unpublished ‘newbies’ are now international successes. Some of our members are unpublished (or—as we like to call it—“not-yet-published”). Some are traditionally published. Some are self-published. Some are hybrid—writing for a traditional publisher while self-publishing at the same time! And we write in every romance sub-genre, from contemporary romance to paranormal fantasy.

We come together in different ways throughout the year. Our annual Conference is always a huge draw, and every month or so there are local meetings all over the country. We offer online and offline support and resources, and run contests that have often been the first step to publication for our members.

We’d love to have you in our romance-loving community. Find out more about the benefits of joining us right here.



Personal and professional support at every stage of your writing career

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