Contest Finalist 2019

Koru Published Book of Excellence Award 2019 

The winners  2019.

Overall Award For Excellence
Primrose and the Dreadful Duke – Emily Larkin 

Long Romance:

Stealing the Snow Leopard’s Heart – Zoe Chant – Second equal

Primrose and the Dreadful Duke – Emily Larkin FIRST

The Sweetest Song – Zoe Piper   ​- Second Equal

The Realm of Silence – Jude Knight – Fifth

Cowboy Stole My Heart – Soraya Lane – Fourth    ​

Short Romance:

Her Dirty Little Secret – JC Harroway – Third

Holly’s Heart – Fiona McArthur – FIRST EQUAL    ​

Can’t Tie Me Down – Janet Elizabeth Henderson – FIRST EQUAL ​

House of Thorns – Jude Knight – Fourth    ​


Winter’s Promise – Jayne Castel  – Third   ​

The Purple Hills – Alissa Callen – FIRST  ​

A Christmas Kiss in London – Joanne Dannon  – Second   ​

Best First Book:

(With only two novel – or book – length BFB entries, we will only be giving a first place getter.)

Degree Absolute – WA Cooper

Gold Medal Hero – Jena Petrie – FIRST

Pacific Hearts Unpublished Full Manuscript Contest 2019

RWNZ announces the placings in the unpublished authors full book contest:


Frances Dall’Alba’s LITTLE BLUE BOX – second
Catherine J Hudson FINDING SOLACE –  third

Great Beginnings 2018-2019

The Great Beginnings contest closed with a remarkable thirty-eight entries – and I mean remarkable in every sense of the word. The quality of the writing was of a very high standard, and I know from the comments of our judges that they all enjoyed their tasks tremendously. You needed an average score of 95/100 and above to final.

Because of the sheer amount of entries, and with each entry needing to be read by five different judges for fairness, the need was great this year for willing judges. And the Great turned up. ? Fifty-one of you! Thank you all for putting your hands up to help out your organisation. The words are said often, but in this instance, they couldn’t be truer – without your help, this contest would not have got off the ground. Thank you once more for your help in making this contest run smoothly.

All the very best of luck to our deserving Finalists in the last round of judging. And thank you for representing our organisation with your incredible talent.

Editor Judge – winners and placings
1) Ruby Island – Stephanie Ruth
2) The Film Star and the Fashionista – Sonya Leowen
3) Coventry Downs – Caenys Kerr
4) 2 Peas – Stephanie Ruth
5) My Guiding Light – Sue Kingham

Agent Judge – winner and placings
1) Ruby Island
2) My Guiding Light
3= The Film Star and the Fashionista
3 = 2 Peas
5) Coventry Downs

Daphne Clair de Jong First Kiss


1) Astral Exile by Grace Lawler
2) Second Chances by Susie Frame
3) Reviving Roxie by Melissa Climo
4) Heaven Sent by EL Lowe
5) Reckless Curves by Bronwen Evans
6) Gloved Heart by Charlotte Brentwood

Chapter Short Story


1)  The Plan by Pamela Swain
2)   Scent, Not Sensibility by Stephanie Ruth
3)   Mr Tango by Kris Pearson
4)   If It’s Tuesday and The Wind Southerly by Yvonne Walus
5)  Never, Under any Circumstances by Stephanie Ruth