General Questions About RWNZ

Where do I update my contact details?

Head to the ACCOUNTS Tab in the top right of the home page. (You’ll need to log in using the information provided when you joined).

How do I find out about everything that happens in RWNZ?

The website is your main source of information about Romance Writers of New Zealand and the services we offer. However, there are other ways to keep abreast of what’s going on. They include: –

  • RWNZ Monthly Newsletter Heart 2 Heart
  • the RWNZ Members only Facebook Page
  • the RWNZ Public Facebook Page
  • the RWNZ Twitter Account
  • Yahoo Email Loop (NZRomance is for general catch-all news, questions and updates, however, there are other specialty loops you may like to join).

Where can I interact with other RWNZ members?

RWNZ offers a number of options for its members to interact with each other, either online or offline.


  • The RWNZ Members Only Facebook Page (no promotion)
  • The RWNZ Public Facebook Page (promotion)
  • RWNZ Yahoo Loop


RWNZ’s annual conference is a great place for members to meet face-to-face. Sometimes we also offer roadshows and one-off events during the year as well. If you would like more regular face-to-face contact with other writers, consider joining a group in your area, or maybe even start one of your own (we’ve got a great resource available in how to do just that).

How do I join the NZRomance Yahoo group?

The NZRomance loop is an online discussion group for RWNZ members only. The group currently has about 150 members, ranging from the published to those just starting out. For all members, both isolated, and not so isolated, it is a wonderful means of getting to know each other, sharing the pain of rejection and the joys of acceptance as well as providing a forum for advice and discussion on all matters to do with the craft of writing.

There are two ways to join the NZRomance Loop:

1. (recommended) go to the E-Group website at and follow the instructions for joining (you will need to become a member of Yahoo first)

2. OR send a blank email to [email protected]. Once you have subscribed, the address for posting messages is [email protected].

For links to the other groups available, visit the eGroups pages of this website.

Who can I ask about…?

RWNZ is a volunteer organisation, and as such there are many different people involved in the running of our various programs and services. Check out the RWNZ Committee page for a list of available contacts.

What events does RWNZ hold throughout the year? How do I find out about them?

RWNZ runs a variety of events throughout the year, including the annual conference, online workshops, and roadshows. For a full list, visit the Events section of this website.

Details on upcoming events are included in Heart 2 Heart and social media.