RWNZ Executive And Volunteers


The Executive for 2020-21:

President Mollie Smith

Vice President Matthew Mole

Treasurer Deb Howell

Secretary Rachel Stedman

Publicity Officer  Josie Berliner

Membership Secretary: John McCormick

Immediate Past President: Susan Sims

The Executive is supported by:

Contests Co-ordinator: Shelagh Merlin

Contest Manager, Pacific Hearts Award (1-28 Feb): Jill Batty

Contest manager, Chapter Short Story Contest (1-30 April): Shelagh Merlin

Contest manager, The Koru Award (1-31 March): Anna Klein

Contest manager, Great Beginnings Contest (1-30 Sept): Megan Mayfair

Daphne Clair De Jong First Kiss Contest (1-30 November): Alexa Rivers

Heart to Heart Newsletter: Corina Douglas

Webmaster: Bronwen Evans

Volunteers welcome!

If the idea of volunteering at a national level is a little scary, why not start with something smaller—perhaps during Conference, or at a regional level, maybe running competitions, etc. Your help will always be welcome.

Contact the President if you are interested.