Heart to Heart, April 2017 Edition

Welcome to the April 2017 edition of Heart to Heart. This month our craft focus is on Writing the Heroine, and I have to say it’s a cornucopia of wonders and delight.

Here’s a sneak peek.

  • Jackie Ashenden shares how to write the kick-ass heroine
  • Darian Smith tells us about the joys of writing the heroine from a male perspective
  • Daphne Clair de Jong talks about the why of motivation.
  • Amanda Ashby gives us some insights into the world of Middle Grade heroines
  • Ada Maria Soto shares ways to make your same gender romantic heroines real and relatable
  • Iola Goulton looks at writing the Christian Romance heroine
  • Kate O’Keeffe shares her secrets for creating the Chick Lit heroine
  • Wendy Vella reveals the things she looks for in writing the historical heroine
  • Kris Pearson walks us through loading books to Google Play
  • Bronwen Evans tells us what the Exec has been up to this month.
  • The Book Shelf presents seven books to help you write and market your work.
  • We reveal our new Agent and the Harlequin Global Editor for our 2017 Conference Writing Romance in the Digital Age.
  • Don’t forget the Sandra Hyde Romance Writers Memorial Scholarship is now open
  • We roll out the Welcome Mat for ten new and returning members, Get To Know a couple more of our authors, celebrate some Woos and Hoos, and enjoy the roundup of Regional Reports.

You can download the magazine here.