Novel Writing 3 Course

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Hi, everyone,

And welcome to Novel Writing III, the third and last section of classes in my novel writing series. In this section, we concentrate on character and the three-act structure, as well as more of the finer points of writing fiction.

In addition, I’ve included half a dozen “life lessons” about being a writer, with suggestions on how to deal with some of the emotional roadblocks and problems writers encounter.

Again, I urge you to do the homework assigned with the lessons on craft and to share it with your colleagues.

Please let me know if these classes have helped you, and if you have any suggestions for improving them, I’d love to hear them. You can contact me with comments and/or specific questions at [email protected].

The very best of luck with your writing!

Patricia Kay

Course outline

Lesson #1- Know your story, plot, the difference

Lesson #2 – The Thematic Dimension of Drama

Lesson #3 – Character Driven Plot, etc

Lesson #4 – Character and Conscience, Part I

Lesson #5 – Character and Conscience, Part II

Lesson #6 – The Four Character Levels

Lesson #7 – The Four Character Levels, Part II

Lesson #8 – The Three Act Structure

Lesson #9 – Epilogues

Lesson #10 – Subtlety, Part I

Lesson #11 – Subtlety, Part II

Lesson #12 – Unity

Lesson #13 – The Big Book

Lesson #14 – Resistance

Lesson #15 – Barriers, Roadblocks, etc

Lesson #16 – Find Your Own Unique Voice

Lesson #17 – It’s All in the Details

Lesson #18 – Making Something out of Nothing

Lesson #19 – Deliver on Your Promises

Lesson #20 – Writer’s Block

Lesson #21 – Let’s Talk About rejection

Lesson #22- When Things Go Wrong