2020 Friday Workshop

The RWNZ 2020 conference kicks off on Friday 21 August with a full day of workshops led by Rachael Herron, bestselling author of over 20 novels. We finish the day with a special character workshop with Crystal Kaswell.

From the Blank Page to the Bookshop

Useful techniques for how to plot, write, revise, and get your novel published

Whether you’re a brand new writer or you have dozens of books published, this workshop is for you. Internationally bestselling author Rachael Herron will teach you (or remind you) of the best practices of a book’s journey, taking your novel from a concept to a physical item. You’ll learn her method of building both story and character (the same method that’s broken her students free of stagnation and blocks). Then she’ll help you brainstorm your best path to beating resistance and actually doing the work on a reliable, predictable basis. After that, you’ll learn how to make the often-dreaded revision fun. Lastly, you’ll learn the state of current tradition and indie publishing, and where you fit in either (or both!).

Writing the wounded hero

Crafting characters with realistic, relatable intrapersonal conflicts.

What makes readers swoon so much over broken hereos? Bestselling romance author Crystal Kaswell will give a special workshop just for Friday attendees on writing character hangups and mental blocks in a way that feels real and leaves readers desperate for more.

Workshop focuses on MF romance as this is Crystal’s expertise, but will provide useful techniques to develop character wounds across the range of genders and experiences.