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Think like a CEO, earn like a CEO by Melissa Storm

All authors (self-published, traditional and hybrid) are in business for themselves, but it’s easy to forget that the most successful enterprises are made up of multiple people with diverse expertise. This special 2-hour session will explore how focusing on each “department” within your author career can help boost your overall success. We’ll talk about positioning your brand and finding your unique selling proposition, setting goals and determining your key performance indicators, preparing a SWOT analysis for your genre and niche, building your tribe and conducting market research with your readers, running post-mortems on your marketing, and once your business grows, choosing which tasks to delegate and how to build your team.

Saturday Plenary Sessions

Love is Hard, and So Is Writing: Accidents, Silver Linings, and Reinventions by Laura Kaye 

Laura Kaye has been called “the accidental author” after a traumatic brain injury gave her a new creative urge and led her to a career in writing fiction. But forty novels later, her journey has been defined by a whole lot of hard work, not a little luck, and a willingness to reinvent herself.

Publishing House Spotlight — St Martin’s Press by Monique Patterson

Publishing House Spotlight —Harlequin by Jo MacKay and Nic Caws

Sunday Plenary Sessions

From assistant to USA Today Bestselling Author by Melissa Storm 

Not very long ago, Melissa Storm was working as an assistant to many bestselling authors but having a hard time selling her own books. All that changed with a shift in mindset and small tweaks to her workflow that have resulted in becoming a 6-figure indie author, hitting the USA Today bestseller list multiple times, and securing a 4-book deal with Kensington. This is her journey.


Publishing House Spotlight — Harper Collins (Avon) by May Chen


Create page-turning conflict by Laura Kaye

Conflict is the main element that drives your plot and separates your characters from their goals. Join Laura Kaye, New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty-five novels, for this interactive workshop that will offer specific conflict-creating devices and elements you can apply in any story which are guaranteed to create tension, drive pacing, make your book compelling and unique, and keep readers turning the page until the very end.

Guest Speaker Panel with our International Guests

We close the RWNZ 2019 Conference with an informative discussion led by your questions.