2020 Thursday Evening Workshop

Complementary Thursday Evening Workshop

Ask a Dominatrix

Jenny Nordbak

Author of Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an LA Dungeon.

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This workshop is free for anyone holding a weekend conference ticket. In this relaxed discussion, Jenny will share how her experiences as a dominatrix ultimately led to her career as a writer…including funny mishaps and triumphs from her dungeon days, but also from traditional publishing, querying, and building a platform from scratch. 

She’ll explain common threads she’s seen after interviewing more than 150 successful romance authors on her podcast, and how those nuggets of wisdom can help authors at any point in their journey. More than anything, she’s excited to get to know you and answer your questions, whether they’re related to power exchange in romance, how to conquer writer’s block, the best way to pitch media to have them cover or review your book, or anything in between. Jenny will answer just about anything…she just won’t tell you the real name of that famous actor in her memoir.